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Antoinette McMaster Uses Art to Challenge Domestic Abuse

Antoinette McMaster Uses Art to Challenge Domestic Abuse.

Antionette McMaster is a visual artist residing in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Currently completing her Honours Degree in Visual Art at Unisa, her work is focused around gender based violence and the increasing prevalence of femicide, rape and domestic violence.

Her recent work highlights domestic abuse and she favours costuming, masks, photography and performance.

In an interview for South Africa’s Wanted Magazine, McMaster said:

I look at the costumes as referring to hidden abuse, but there are always glimpses that come through.

Her pieces deal with the hidden persona of the victims, hiding behind masks and costumes, yet showing subtle hints of abuse victims’ experience, indicating that abuse cannot be completely disguised no matter how hard victims try.

McMaster thinks of her work as “conversation starters” as opposed to “pretty pictures”, though she exhibits dexterity in blurring the two. Her intention is to create a space and platform that fosters not only compassion but also social action.

Her 2021 series Not Quite Hidden, is particularly striking. In it, costumed models with large petal-like, or feathery masks fashioned out of fabric are framed by smoky backgrounds and shrubbery.

Mosi-O-Tunya is pleased to be able to offer a one-off print from the Not Quite Hidden series, not available anywhere else. Only two prints have been made of the work and only one in the size available from Mosi-O-Tunya.

Contact to enquire about purchasing the piece.

Antoinette McMaster
Not Quite Hidden
Still photo of a performance
1200cm x 950cm

Ⓒ 2022 Mosi-O-Tunya Gallery

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